We did it

We did it. We crushed it. We survived. We freaking rock!!! For 7 days straight, we crushed brand spanking new Shaun T workouts that reminded me WHY I started and fell in love with health/fitness and with Beachbody in particular!!! #WhyShaunWeek
This past week my hubby actually said “why are you so excited to workout, this is not fun ” and he almost quit on me because THIS wasn’t easy … but I pushed him to stick with it. I pushed him because I was selfish and I wanted/needed the support and I pushed him for HIM because I knew he wanted to feel that sense of accomplishment when he completed these workouts. And everyday he said “I’m SO happy we did that workout”. #Dedication #Determination #Support #Accountability #ThatsWhyIDoIt Carl Daikeler Shaun T Carl Daikeler
–> And I’ll tell you why I was so excited … and why I never even thought about quitting – Shaun T is a NONSTOP motivator/inspiration and in 30 minutes he actually had me laughing, cursing, crying and thanking God that my body can do what he is asking it to do
–> And I’ll tell you what … I’m continuing on this Shaun T journey – along with my KICK BUTT CHALLENGERS who also crushed these workouts – And we created a NEW hybrid Shaun T workout, incorporating all of these NEW programs plus some of his older ones. And I CHALLENGE YOU to join me. #StartsTomorrow
When you decide you are ready to commit to your fitness journey don’t you want to join someone as CRAZY dedicated as me – someone who is in LOVE with these workouts – someone who won’t let you quit – sure you might secretly make fun of me – but you know YOU LOVE IT and you know it inspires and motivates YOU
SOOOOOO JOIN ME – I’m always welcoming NEW challengers and even coaches!!!